A Single Step

During yesterday’s West Los Angeles Schmooze, Lee Wind, writer of The Official SCBWI Blog (among others) said that the act of writing is what makes you a writer, getting published makes you an author, and blogging makes you a professional writer.

By Lee’s standard, I have just become a professional writer. It’s a distinction I will actively try to deserve.

In my corporate day job, where I don’t get to write anything fun (boo!), my main responsibility is to address employee questions. I spend most of my time hunting down answers. Some are easy game while others are quite elusive. But overall, I am a diligent and tenacious hunter.

In deciding a year ago that I was ready to set a course for a career in children’s literature, I realized that I also have many questions in need of answers. Since my writing won’t feed or shelter me (yet!), I will be staying in Corporatelandia indefinitely. As anyone in my situation can attest, it’s a struggle to keep focused on and committed to the writing outside of those 40+ hours. The mental gear shift alone is a grindy, crunchy affair.

While my day job and dream job are worlds apart, working in my favor is the fact that my day job has turned me into a question-slaying, problem-solving machine. I am ready to leverage that strength and let it guide how I approach the puzzle of how to become a published writer.

I am excited at the prospect of sharing the details of this journey and the things I learn (pitfalls and all) with others. This blog is a great way to connect with those who are also trying to merge onto the writer’s path. I look forward to the discoveries this exploration will bring, to the people I’ll meet along the way, and to the chance we’ll have to grow together.