My name is Sarah, and I work and play in Los Angeles, California. I have a BA in English Literature from UCLA and am currently an Associate Member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

I am enamored by the power of the written word, and have a special affinity for picture books. They ignited my imagination and sense of wonder at an early age. That flame has burned brightly ever since and has served me well in life. I would love to directly contribute to that important tradition by one day publishing my own picture books through a traditional publishing company.



  1. I’m going to work my way through all your A to Z posts, now that I’ve found you. I have two small grandchildren and I love buying books for them. I have an added complication because they are being brought up in France.

    1. Hi Sheila. Thanks for stopping by, and glad that I can be of help in your book search. Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble leaving comments on the posts. Unless it’s a wordpress to blogspot issue, it may just be that the comment link is difficult to spot. If you haven’t already, check below the more conspicuous “Share this” buttons, and south of the “Related” links. In the blurb beneath that is where I’m able to see the “Leave a comment” link – which appears as a link, and not a button. It’s rather sneaky.

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