W is for When in Doubt


I may be limping to the finish line, but let’s get this A to Z challenge done!

W is for when in doubt, use a rhyming dictionary.

As I mentioned earlier, the end of the alphabet means we have to get exotic and/or creative.

If the poetry you’re writing has a rhyme scheme, and you’re either a. uncertain if your word pair actually rhymes, or b. recognize that the word pair you’ve selected makes for some awkward sentences so it’s time to rewrite, be sure to have a good rhyming dictionary on hand to help.

A good web resource is Rhymer, which lets you search by end rhymes, last syllable, double, or triple rhymes, beginning rhymes, and first syllable rhymes!

Another good one is Rhymezone, which has additional fun search options (like “search in Shakespeare”), and includes thesaurus functions (find antonyms, synonyms, etc).

Happy writing!


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