K is for ketchup


Or catch up, at any rate.

Forgive my absence. It was my birthday this past weekend and festivities were afoot.


Don’t let the floral bonnet fool ya. Fluffy and I were just about to hurl a pile of battle axes. 


The poetry term I meant to share back when the K post was due is this:


“A figurative compound word that takes the place of an ordinary noun. It is found frequently in Old Germanic, Norse, and English poetry, including The Seafarer, in which the ocean is called a ‘whale-path.’ ”

Source: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/learning/glossary-terms

Everyone knows that Dragons Love Tacos. Fluffy refers to his as crunch crunch joy joy. Surely that’s kenning-esque.

I love the inventive and personalized possibilities of the kenning. What are some of your favorite examples of proper or kenning-esque expressions?


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