T is for Tom’s Tweet


I am hitting the jackpot with rhyming picture books involving pet adventures. I love and know cats well, so I enjoyed this tale of a cantankerous kitty who is surprised to find himself caring for a helpless baby bird.


Tom the cat was simply stalking prey when he decided against gobbling up a too-tiny bird. But when the vulnerable tweet “blink-blink-blinked” Tom’s heart started to overrule his carnivorous nature, much to his surprise and chagrin.

I was tickled as Tom suffered through the indignities and mishaps of bird-sitting. And his Yosemite Sam style grumblings (dagnabit!) added a certain flair.

“When the little tweet yawned

And hopped under Tom’s armpit,

He squirmed away, shaking his head.

‘No snuggling,’ he grumped. ‘I’m not that kind of cat.’

But the wee thing ignored what he said.”

Reluctant and grumpy protagonists are the cutest!


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