L is for Llama Llama Red Pajama


The only trouble with reading a bedtime rhyming story is that it works. I am sleepy! But I’ll type out what I can before my lids clamp shut.


There are a LOT of go-to-sleep picture books out there. While Llama Llama doesn’t break the mold, it asserts its uniqueness by giving us a tale of llama drama when Baby’s busy mama can’t get upstairs fast enough.  I’m sure many parents can relate to the hyperbole and appreciate the reassuring conclusion.

And on that note, goodnight everybody!



  1. I’ve just started exploring writing for children. I usually write women’s fiction. I told lots of stories to my children off the top of my head at night but writing them down is not as easy as it would seem!

  2. Great topic! I enjoy getting to read to the children at the library where I work. My own kids are far past the picture book stage (can you say “college tuition”?), but I still love the books!

    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

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