I is for I’m a T. Rex!


You can’t walk two feet in the children’s section of a book store before spotting not one, but several picture books about that fearsome carnivore with the itty bitty arms: Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I found one where he roars and romps and growls and stomps, flaunting his special brand of dino stuff in Dennis R. Shealy’s rhyming picture book, I’m a T. Rex!


I like that this take on the most famous “king of the Cretaceous” (good gracious!) is both unapologetic (“I sometimes bully, but I like to fill my stomach fully”) and informative. Readers learn that this legendary lizard was hatched from an egg, hunted and ate his fellow dinosaurs, and was thought to spar with the Triceratops and others tricky-named giants. Try reading “Carcharodontosaurus” aloud to your kids, parents.

These facts are a nice bonus, but the focus remains that T. Rex bad boy charm—making this one a winner in my book.


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