G is for Green is a Chili Pepper


This book is gorgeous and is easily my favorite pick for the week. Pick it up, and you won’t want to leave the rich, thriving, and intricate world of its pages.


In Roseanne Greenfield Thong’s Green is a Chile Pepper, colors aren’t adjectives. Objects are colors.

“Red is a ristra. Red is a spice. Red is our salsa on top of rice.”

The Spanish terms sprinkled throughout are translated and explained in the glossary. Each featured color is also printed in both English and Spanish. This book showcases a culture that embraces colors that are as bold and varied as their traditions and celebrations.

A strong sense of identity, pride, and community is evident in illustrations brimming with group activities and festivals, and with the subtle use of “we” and “our” throughout the text. The reader is invited to take part in experiences involving the cultivation and making of exotic foods, pastries, fanciful costumes, holiday celebrations, decorations, and crafts.

The home life spills out and blends with the outdoors where food is grown, games are played, and animals, earth, and sky are as vital and essential as hearth and home.

“The world is a rainbow of wonder and fun: Ribbons of colors rolled into one.”


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