D is for Dots (Lots of)


Okay, I’m cheating on the title a little, but am working with what I could find on short notice. The author named his children Daniel and Drew, so I think I get extra credit for extending the theme to the dedication page.

However, if you happen to know rhyming picture books that do, in fact, begin with the letter D, please shout them out!


Now we move from spots to dots in Craig Frazier’s Lots of Dots.  I love this book’s bright and simple graphics. It’s a fun introduction to shape recognition, and circles reign supreme.

I’d run out of ideas on good examples of circles in the wild, but Frazier finds them in surprising places. Drums, balloons, traffic lights, food, stars, and more are never called out by name but reduced to what they have in common (they’re all dots!) and compared to one another.

“Some dots are heavy, some dots are light, some dots are colorful, and some dots are bright.”

It would be easy to imagine snuggling with a little one and inviting him or her to identify all of the different “dots” depicted in this attractive primer.



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