B is for A Bear and His Boy


Animals make for amusing headwear in Sean Bryan’s popular A Boy and His Bunny and A Girl and Her Gator picture books. But in Bear and His Boy, it’s the child’s turn to play hat.


Mack the bear wakes up one day to find a boy on his back. The boy’s name is Zach. Without missing a metered beat, Mack gives Zack the skinny on his crazy schedule. (I can relate Mack. I can relate.)

Rhyming stanzas throughout end exclusively in “ack” sounds, but the story is never burdened by this device. Mack’s nutty antics, though disparate, are fun to follow.

Boy and bear dash about town, ticking off to-dos until Zach begs Mack to pause and reassess.

“The bear was taken aback. ‘Let’s stop for a second and smell the lilacs.’”

Good advice for readers big and small.



  1. I like your blog! (Visiting you after you happily left a comment on my Beer and Books post.) I look forward to returning – I have 3 little grandchildren and am always on the lookout for books, books, books for them! Happy A-Z!

  2. Visiting from A/Z. This sounds like a cute book! My kids are way grown but might have to consider it for grandchildren down the road (none yet, but who knows)

    Enjoy the rest of the challenge!~


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