V is for Verse

Are you one of the bold few brave enough to challenge the conventional wisdom echoed by agents and editors, alike? Don’t write picture books in verse.

Maybe you’ve read your fair share of Dr Seuss and concluded that this isn’t so hard. Have you ever sat down and tried? Trust the experts on this. It’s harder than the pretty, polished end product would have you believe. And there are way more rules governing verse than you may even know exist.

If poetry is not your strong suit, the publishing industry very plainly asks that you kindly don’t submit manuscripts that show your ignorance.

But maybe, despite the warnings, verse beckons.

If you are new to the rules of rhyme, I recommend visiting Angie Karcher’s excellent Rhyming Picture Book Month (RhyPiBoMo) page.

Angie has celebrated April by providing a poetry crash course via daily blog posts featuring invaluable lessons, terminology, exercises, and an array of talented guest bloggers who have already succeeded in doing what they aren’t supposed to do: Submitting and publishing rhyming picture books.

It’s too late to register as an official RhyPiBoMo participant, but it’s not too late to check out all of Angie’s great work. Be sure to start from the beginning!



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