I is for indie bookstores

I is also for itty-bitty posts because my brain account is overdrawn for the day.

But Indie bookstores are fantastic recharging stations. I sure wish one would pop up near my office. I just love their character. The zeal and imagination of their staff. Their unique selections. Their surprising and delightful book sculptures!

Okay, that last attribute is specific to The Last Bookstore, located in a repurposed bank building in downtown Los Angeles. But wow, what a special place! I could live here.

The sculptures lurk in the store’s Labyrinth, a gigantic mezzanine level containing what feels like an endless maze of loosely organized used books and CDs.

Here are a few photos I took during a 2012 visit.


The Tunnel.


The Porthole.


The Possessed Typewriter. (Roommate Frank looks ready to leave).

Whenever I visit The Last Bookstore I like to head straight for the Labyrinth and get lost among the shelves in search of treasures.There’s something about discovery-by-chance that e-commerce sites and too-neatly-organized chain stores just can’t replicate.

What are your favorite indie bookstores?



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