G is for Goodreads

Another buzz word bandied about at writing conferences has been Goodreads, the social networking site for bookworms. More powerful than any book club, Goodreads has become highly influential since its 2007 launch. With over 20 million members in 2013, it more than doubled its 2012 membership (source: Wikipedia). Amazon purchased the site in 2013.

Users are given a platform to rate and review books, receive recommendations based on their preferences, post and share reading lists and opinions with friends, and participate in groups and discussion boards. Authors use the site as an advertising tool by linking their publications to an author’s profile page and blog and by participating in interviews and giveaways.

Users’ rankings are shown right alongside a book’s summary data on edelweiss, where publishers post their electronic catalogs, demonstrating Goodread’s very clear market influence.

They also host an annual Readers Choice Awards in which users nominate books released in the given year that are then compiled into top ten lists for twenty different categories.

Do you consult Goodreads when deciding what to read? What else influences your book buying/borrowing choices?


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